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About ClickUp

ClickUp is a multifunctional project and task management tool that provides unparalleled flexibility in adapting to the needs of different companies and industries. With its versatile features, ClickUp enables effective digitization for both small businesses and large enterprises, regardless of the type of operation. This tool allows for the optimization and standardization of various business processes, increasing productivity and work efficiency. With ClickUp, you can tailor business management to your individual needs and goals, making it the perfect solution for any organization. Examples of implementations include manufacturing companies, advertising agencies and SEO, construction companies, and many more. You can find additional information about ClickUp in the FAQ ClickUp.


Key features of ClickUp:

  1. Project Management: ClickUp enables the creation of projects, setting priorities, planning deadlines, and tracking progress.
  2. Time Tracking: ClickUp allows tracking time spent on specific tasks and projects. This feature is extremely useful for monitoring productivity and assessing how much time is devoted to various activities.
  3. Tasks and Task Lists: You can create, assign, and track tasks/subtasks, organizing them into task lists, which helps in organizing work.
  4. Calendar: ClickUp offers a calendar for planning and tracking task and event deadlines.
  5. Team Collaboration: The tool facilitates team collaboration by allowing task assignment and commenting.
  6. Progress Monitoring: You can track project progress using indicators, Gantt charts, and other reporting tools.
  7. Automation: ClickUp offers the ability to automate repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and minimizing errors.
  8. Customization: ClickUp is highly flexible and allows customization to meet the individual needs of the company and industry.
  9. Views: You can work with tasks in various formats, such as list, table, Kanban, Gantt chart, allowing you to adapt the workflow to team preferences.

Benefits of our ClickUp implementation

BeProductive guarantees success in implementing ClickUp. Why should you trust us? Our experience and expertise in digitalizing business processes allow us to lead your project confidently. We hold prestigious ClickUp certifications that confirm our advanced understanding of this tool. Additionally, we also have the status of a verified ClickUp Consultant. This ensures that we will utilize ClickUp to its fullest potential, optimizing your company. Entrust us with the reins, and you will gain the certainty of achieving success.

BeProductive zweryfikowany konsultant ClickUp

How we can help you

ClickUp Implementations

Implementing ClickUp in our company is a crucial step in improving project and task management as well as saving time on the implementation process itself. With our assistance, you’ll customize ClickUp to fit your needs and business processes, leading to more efficient work and better project organization.

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Clickup implementation audit

ClickUp audit with BeProductive ensures optimal utilization of this tool and improvement of implemented processes, adjusted to the specific needs of the company. We focus on efficiency, project organization, and task control. With a ClickUp audit, you’ll achieve better results.

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Benefits of partnering with us
Process Optimization
Implementing ClickUp is not just about purchasing software. Our assistance optimizes your processes, increasing efficiency and saving time.
Customized Solutions
We’re ready to adjust ClickUp to the individual needs of your company. There are no two identical businesses, so our approach is flexible.
Understanding Your Vision
We will fully understand your goals and vision by working together on project implementation according to your expectations.
Support and Training
We provide technical support and training, ensuring your employees confidently utilize ClickUp, maximizing its potential.
Industry Knowledge
We have experience in various industries, allowing us to deliver solutions suited to the specifics of your sector.
Faster Return on Investment
By utilizing our services, you’ll achieve a faster return on investment in ClickUp, translating into increased productivity and competitiveness.
Reduced Risk of Errors
Working together with us, you avoid errors both during the implementation of ClickUp and in its future use.
Technical Support
We offer not only implementation but also ongoing technical support to resolve any issues and questions.
Customer Reviews
BeProductive strives to deeply understand the client’s business needs from the beginning of the collaboration to find the best solution in ClickUp and beyond if necessary. They do not hesitate to conduct additional research if an even better work improvement is around the corner. They truly care about the client’s satisfaction, and their communication is on par with the best companies in the industry.


The project was carried out in stages, and the system was heavily tailored to our needs in many areas, fully meeting our expectations. In one system, we streamlined what was most important to our company, namely the flow of information and access to documents and their circulation within the company. The implementation of the system went smoothly, and we can continue to develop further, as the application itself is no longer a limitation for us. Mr. Leszek is a very helpful person; he was very engaged at every stage.
Grzegorz Wójcicki, CEO GW INVEST

We entrusted BeProductive with the comprehensive implementation of ClickUp in our agency. Our team of several dozen needed help optimizing project management (better task management, improving the customer service process, and more).

The cooperation began with an interview on how we work, then we moved on to improving processes and implementing new solutions in ClickUp. Finally, training was conducted for the entire team. Thanks to this, the implementation was tailored to our specific needs.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the implementation results. We definitely recommend working with BeProductive.

Szymon Spychała, Prezes Zarządu Carted sp. z o.o.

Studio Carpentry
BeProductive successfully implemented the ClickUp platform in our company. With their support, we customized ClickUp to our needs, which brought efficiency in the CRM area with a particular emphasis on handling complex orders, managing production projects, machinery park, material orders, and knowledge base. The training conducted by BeProductive allowed us to fully utilize ClickUp’s potential. We recommend BeProductive as an implementation partner.

Aneta Marciniak-Wójcik, Wspólnik Studio Carpentry

Xtreme Fitness Gyms
BeProductive, especially Leszek Szczerbicki, proved to be invaluable support in our ClickUp implementation project at Xtreme Fitness Gyms. Thanks to their professionalism, timeliness, and dedication, we were able to significantly optimize our processes, speeding up the opening of new clubs. As part of the implementation, a club opening matrix was created, making our expansion process more transparent and organized. We sincerely recommend BeProductive as a partner in ClickUp implementations.

Marcin Nowak, Dyrektor Działu Marketingu Xtreme Fitness Gyms

I recommend working with BeProductive for implementing ClickUp in your organization. They showed full commitment and provided substantive support at every stage of the implementation. Thanks to Mr. Leszek’s assistance, we significantly improved the efficiency of our operations and the flow of information in our organization.

Mateusz Solski, Head Of Growth INVETTE

BeProductive prepared a presentation for us showcasing the capabilities and features of ClickUp in a real implementation and operating environment. His presentation was not only informative but also very convincing. Mr. Leszek demonstrated a thorough understanding of our needs and was able to clearly articulate how ClickUp could streamline our processes. We are very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him as an expert in the field of ClickUp.

Dawid Dwojak, Koordynator ds. kluczowych klientów REMONDIS

Collaborating with BeProductive provided us with invaluable support in auditing and implementing the ClickUp tool. Thanks to their expert knowledge and experience, our company gained new perspectives in project management and the daily work environment. BeProductive proved to be valuable business partners, whom we highly recommend to any company seeking process improvement and efficiency in their work.
Grzegorz Krzyżaniak, CEO GREGORmedia
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